Early-stage VC fund

100% dedicated to nuclear technology


Sustainable and affordable energy, on a global scale

Our mission: reduce the volume and lifetime of radioactive waste, lower the final energy cost, and maintain the stringent safety and security standards of nuclear energy production, by boldly investing in promising early-stage startups in NATO countries.

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We see an opportunity to mitigate climate change

Energy is tightly embedded in the very fabric of society. Anything we do requires some form of energy; from farming our land to scrolling on our smartphones, from switching on the light to commuting to work by bus. However, the global energy mix is largely dominated by fossil fuels. Hence the energy sector is responsible for the overwhelming majority of greenhouse gas emissions.

This is an opportunity: decarbonising energy production is the most efficient lever to mitigate climate change. The challenge is of epic proportions. Living up to it means we need to accelerate the development of every type of low-carbon energy source. Wind, solar, hydro, biomass and nuclear energy need to make giant leaps in an extraordinary short time frame.

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We embrace nuclear energy as an essential part of the mix

Nuclear reactions release a million times more energy than chemical reactions. This sheer energy density means that nuclear energy has the lowest environmental footprint - from climate to biodiversity - of all energy sources.

We are on the verge of a nuclear renaissance. Existing nuclear power plants are transitioning to long-term operation while new ones are constructed and planned all over the globe. New technological perspectives are opening up, from digitalisation to small modular reactors, from the production of heat and hydrogen all the way to nuclear fusion.

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We welcome the collision of innovators and venture capitalists

We believe both in the power of collective intelligence, and in the sparkle of singular persons. Confronted with a seemingly impossible task, they will challenge the status quo and go beyond existing boundaries. We understand the importance of science-based innovation and are convinced that university laboratories are an untapped resource of incremental disruptions. We see venture capital as a catalyst to turn innovators into entrepreneurs.

We are also acutely aware that the great power of nuclear energy comes with great responsibility. Innovation should not come at the cost of a compromise on safety and security. We place our support in those entrepreneurs who are able to move fast, without breaking anything

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We promote a holistic approach: People, Planet, Prosperity, and Peace

We are convinced that nuclear energy can lead to more dignity and equality among people, in a healthier environment.

We are determined to protect the planet from further degradation through a more sustainable consumption of its natural resources and by taking urgent action on climate change.

We are acutely aware of the importance to look at these new ventures through the prism of economic feasibility and long-term profitability.

Last but not least, we are active promoters of the peaceful use of new technologies, and in favor of the abolishment of atomic weapons.

We believe that a better outlook on the future is possible, but it will require hard work.
It starts today
Investment thesis

Early stage startups
with a foot in nuclear energy

The most powerful ideas are expressed in simple terms - our investment thesis has only six short points. Yet we believe in the importance of a strong sectorial focus - ours is nuclear energy.


Tech startups

active in the nuclear energy sector

No defense

Peaceful applications

& no risk of proliferation

Minority stakeholder

Minority shareholder

leading or tagging along


Investment in startups

between 750k€ and 2,5m€
(incl. follow up)



pre-seed, seed and series A


Focus on Europe

and NATO countries

Founding Team

Entrepreneurs & investors

Together, we combine a deep experience in scaling companies, investment, and the energy sector. We are firmly backed by a strong network of international specialists.

Mathieu de Lophem

Investments, SaaS, high growth

CEO with expertise in SaaS and marketplaces in B2Cand B2B context. Deep knowledge of fundraising both as investor and entrepreneur. Extensive experience in high growth environment. Former General Manager of Deliveroo Benelux and CEO of Skipr. Business angel in several early stage startups.

Guerric de Crombrugghe, PhD

DeepTech, products, innovation

Executive-level manager, with a focus on business development and innovation commercialisation. Strong technical background in a variety of themes including energy, electromechanics, and plasma physics. Founder of the satellite start-up ScanWorld, exit in Q2 2022. DeepTech start-ups mentor.

Amaury de Hults

Private equity, energy, deal execution

Experienced investment professional with 13 years experience in energy and private equity with various financial sponsors including The Carlyle Group, AtlasInvest, I4B, and Engie. Extensive international expertise in investing in and supporting entrepreneurial companies active in the energy transition sector.

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